What is B2B

A basic understanding of B2B.

B2B, basically we are talking about any commercial transactions between business.  In to Telecommunication environment, Business to Business is referred the Business done between equipment manufacture and network operators. Or the commercial transaction between other level of manufacture such as smart card provider and the wholesaler. However, some other Business can also being included into this category. For example the  commercial transactions between a smart card providers with retailer. Some retailer can be considered as en customer and that is precisely the type of business not  included into the category of Business to Business. Any Business done in general between manufacture and en customers is categorized as B2C or Business to Customer. 

Statiscally, you might be able to find more B2C transactions than B2B. However  in term of volume the  B2B generates mayor revenue that  any other related Business. Lets thing on handset manufacture. The B2B , Business between manufacture and Wholesale or retailers are not compared with the transaction between the wholesaler and the number of  transaction  with the consumer or end customers. In this especific case the volume of transaction involved with the cunsumers/B2C is much higher than the volumen of B2B transactions, but the voumen in term of revenue is higher that the volumen of Business done with the end cusumers, almost compared by each transaction.

B2B can also be extended into the context of Communications, professional services or basic collaborations. The business  relations between a consulting company with others at same level might be considered as B2B. A synergy collaboration between two company is categorized into B2B. However, a Business done by a professional service to residencial customer is categorized in to B2C.

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