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What means having a Personal Cloud

An Online client that allows access to all your data. Anytime, anywhere, from any device.
A personal Cloud might provide you with the following Benefits.

Imagine the possibility  to access your data using any devices including PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and more!.

The key benefit is that you have got a free backup which enable you have an automatic update and real time synchronization.
When you are aboad in most of the cases, you need a specif file but can  get it inmediatelly. Now with this online application you can get it easily. There are a large list of similar applications online but  SugarSync is friendly interface and basic for using.  For more deails Visit sugarsync  for more details.

Understand the QoS measurements and Know About Quality of Service

Each country is obliged to be in position of a legal  statutory body, created pursuant to the ICT Act of 2009.  In exercise of its powers the Regulator Authority is mandated to ensure that service providers undertake to guarantee a certain level of “Quality of Service” to Consumers of Information and Communication Technologies products and services.
What is “Quality of Service”?
Quality of Service (QoS) is the level of performance (or quality) that a service provider renders to its subscribers. The level of service offered must be stated and agreed upon by a service providers and a subscriber  in form of a contracts or Service Level Agreement (SLA).
What Levels of Service should Consumers Expect?
The following are expectations of consumers as regards to Quality of Service provision.

>>> To be continued

A Unique Approach to Telecom Analysis

Business owners need to understand that not all Telecom Consulting firms are created equal. In every service oriented industry all providers claim to provide the best service, but everyone knows that not every company can be the best. Talk is cheap! There are a lot of factors to consider when determining what really separates the best from the worst. When you are talking about a Telecom Audit the single most important factor to consider is simply how in depth is the actual analysis. Over the next few posts I will outline everything that goes into an NMA Telecom analysis:

NMA will utilize your existing bills and contracts to manually compose a detailed TeleMap of your entire network.  This enables us to:
• Identify all carrier services and their location within your network
• Identify how the services being utilized interact with each other
• Determine network redundancy
• Provide advice on a more efficient network configuration while maintaining the same providers and functionality

NMA will compare recent bills to current contracts:
• To ensure that contractual pricing has been applied accurately and identify any potential refunds based on billing errors
• To ensure that call volume discounts have been initiated and billed correctly
• To ensure that contractual rates are cost competitive in today’s market
• To determine network efficiencies not currently being realized (i.e. such as utilizing existing T1’s for local access calling)
• To determine contractual efficiencies amongst services that are currently contracted separately (i.e. realizing larger volume discounts for combined usage of multiple services)
• To negotiate the most cost competitive rates on your behalf

We were discussing the fact that not all Telecom Consulting firms are created equal.  We were also outlining the in depth approach that NMA uses in conducting a Telecom Audit.  Back to that:

NMA will analyze your existing bills to identify historic calling patterns. This will enable NMA to:
• Identify network inefficiencies for call transport both internally and externally
• Identify any calls of abnormal duration
• Identify and negotiate the most efficient volume discount pricing points and calling plans
• Recommend potential cost effective alternative solutions/services based on usage patterns

NMA will work with the carrier of each individual circuit identified to:
• Determine if it is functional
• Determine if it is being used in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible
• Determine if it is being billed for features not available or not utilized
• Recommend and coordinate cost effective replacement services utilizing your existing providers

NMA will analyze each data facility:
• To determine if it is being utilized efficiently
• To determine if there are cost effective alternatives available based on its intended use
• To determine if there are efficiencies that can be realized by combining currently separate data and telecom facilities
• To determine ways of maximizing capacity without giving up redundancy or other disaster recovery requirements


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